Sponsor a child and give healing. Your donation saves lives.
Become a benefactor - take responsibility for a child with a birth defect!

Being human means feeling responsibility. Living in freedom means showing responsibility.

A home for children with birth defects in Tanzania

Haydom-Friends wants to build a centre for children with birth defects in Haydom, Tansania. A “House of Hope" where children find immediate medical care and life-long follow up and treatment after initial surgery.

Give Hope to kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Tansania and put down the first cornerstones for the new building with us. With your donation towards the „House of Hope“ you will improve medical care and ensure survival of these children born in Haydom.

Dr. Theresa Harbauer - Pediatrician and Founder of Haydom-Friends

In 2009 I left my home in Germany as a pediatrician to bring medical help and new hope to the youngest patients in one of the most rural and poorest regions of Tanzania, who have no one else to ask for it.

It is my personal passion to help and to heal in order to ensure adequate medical care and development of those who have nobody else to turn to. Most of us live in peace and prosperity, medically secured. This means that each of us has a responsibility to help those who urgently need our support. We should not help out of pity, but because we have a choice, we can afford it and we should be aware of our responsibility in this world.

I invite you to become part of our team, and bring your ideas and suggestions for solutions to the table.

Our Impact in Numbers

Although it is only a small contribution, we are proud that we make a difference.


Medical Equipment

Building capacity – helping to develop and strengthen local strategies to improve medical care.


Children Operated Successfully

Achieving sustainable follow up care through a dedicated team.


Voluntary Helpers

Support and be part of change.

Our Priorities

We are moving mountains to achieve our goal – survival, medical and sustainable life long follow up care for kids with congenital malformations in Haydom.

Medical Training
We train medical staff to acquire the necessary skills to provide timely and effective medical care to Haydom's smallest patients.
We help children with physical disabilities to grow up accepted and loved. This is a nice sentiment but I think it's already implied in all the work we do. Don't think it adds much to spell it out.
Barriers exist first and foremost in our minds. Together we can overcome barriers and build a rich and fulfilling future for everybody.
We build an atmosphere of open collaboration and teamwork. In the exchange experience and knowledge we learn just as much from our local doctors and nurses as they learn from us.
Using local materials in cooperation with Tanzanian manufacturers, we help produce wheelchairs and mobility aids for self-determined development.
We learn from each other and frequently join forces with enthusiastic collaborators.
We provide basic life-saving equipment that is appropriate for the local infrastructure, and easy to use.
We work with local schools to reduce barriers for mobility-impaired students.
Call To Action
We carry out actions and campaigns in Germany to generate further funds for our projects.

Our Team in Germany

We fight to alleviate child suffering in the face of medical emergencies, and bring hope for a dignified life by mobilising the forces of volunteers and donors.

Our program is designed to help identify the most vulnerable children in the communities, provide early treatment, and develop further care plans for them.

We have the goal to raise awareness about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, both locally in Tanzania and also worldwide. The key pillars of our effort are early detection and early prevention. Working together with partners around the world, we have reached significant milestones in giving children that are born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus a chance to survive and thrive.

Theresa Harbauer

Chair and Founder

My vision becomes reality when I have the courage to cross bounderies.

Franziska Ott

Continence Trainer and Program Coordinator

It is not enough to know you have to apply, it is not enough to want you have to do too.

Maria Harbauer

Treasurer and Accountant

The crooked tree lives its life - the straight tree becomes a board.

Sara Robin

Creative Director

Be stronger than your strongest excuse!

Katharina Müller-Msuya

Public Relations & Marketing

Be brave and take risks, nothing can replace experience.

Beate & Norbert Harbauer

Shipping and Logistics

A good person is someone who does good even when nobody is looking.

Change Lives with Your Gift

A donation to Haydom Friends helps us to provide more children with life-saving therapy and ensures their long term survival. Join us in our effort to become a force for positive change. Together we build a sustainable medical program that is carried by local doctors and nurses, and gives children with birth defects the chance for a fulfilled life. We will keep you informed about the impact of your donation.

Our Program

The Haydom Friends Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus program has the goal to improve medical care for children with birth defects at the Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania.

Medical Education

Raising awareness in the community to bring children to the hospital early, so that conditions don't develop to a dangerous state

Medical Equipment

Bronchoscope, monitors, ultrasound machine, bubble-CPAP, wheelchairs,
mobility devices

Cost Coverage

Covering surgical costs for children with congenital malformation and providing health insurance cards