Month: May 2024

Let Positivity Roll – Inklusive Skating at Haydom Hospital, Tanzania

Let Positivity Roll! Haydoms kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus showing us there are not limits towards what you can achieve if you keep believing in yourself.

Loads of fund during our inclusive Skating Session in Haydom. Sharing the love and passion for skating and mobility together with the kids and parents was incredible.

Soon our House of Hope is also planned to have a special designed skating area for kids to practice their skills and tricks.

A big thank you to smallsteps-skatepark for their ongoing support and conducting the skating session and mobility training again. It was our absolute joy and pleasure having you skate with us.


Every Child deserves to be loved – SBH Follow up week at Haydom

Our kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus teaching us a life lesson – even if the road gets steep and heavy, don´t stop moving. It does not matter how fast you move as long as you don´t stop continuing your way you will reach your dreams.

We have had another amazing motivating follow up week with our children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and their parents at Haydom Lutheran Hospital. Education, practical training in catherization, bowel management and wound care and lots of fun on top.

Four new wheelchairs have been distributed, 3 kids received orthopedic surgery and clubbed foot repair to help them stand and prevent wounds.

With the help of many of you we had been able to come with a lot of donated shoes and gloves to help protect the feet after surgery and the hands while using the wheelchairs.

We have had a session on dental hygiene and nutrition just designed for the kids and – yes – we as well got to brush our teeth together with them as good role models under the african trees outside. Also we have had a special girls club only session to help them with using the catheter by themselves and getting educated about girls stuff to know.

The highlight of the week surely was the big inclusive skating event where everybody could show off on wheels taking those obstacles having great fun together. For children in wheelchairs it is essential to be able to use them correctly and not to be afraid to cross little daily obstacles with them. We are extremely grateful that this mobility training was conducted by smallsteps-skatepark Usah River again.

At last we could push forward the progess of the House of Hope. Now all drawings and permits are final and after the constructors agree on our plans we can finally start putting the foundation for the House of Hope and also a new future for our project and all children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at Haydom.

We still need a lot of your help and donations but as long as we move slowly and steady we are sure to reach our dreams to have the House of Hope finally built in Haydom.