Loyal Donors

A Big Personal Thank You

Mr. Jürgen Kurschert

A long term sponsor and a believer in the success of the spina bifida project, for years. He passed away in 2018 but will live in the heart of the kids forever.

Morris Kaya

Big Thanks for your fantastic contribution and great fundraising campaign for the House of Hope.

Joachim Schulz

With your tiredless work and motivation you have managed to provide Haydom with a full new Digital X-RAY PCR Reader. Now the days of air-drying-X-Ray pictures in the trees are gone and X-Rays can be viewed in Real time on the new PCR Machines. What a progress.

Barbara BS-Design München

Thanks Barbara for your fantastic work on creating our roll-up and of course the really great finish of the LOGO for the International Spina-Bifida Day, we have been wearing it proudly on our chests.

LIONS-Club Bad Langensalza

Many thanks for believing in us! Thanks for your generous generation towards the House Hope. We promise we will not stop until we have reached the best for our children in Haydom. Greetings to my wonderful hometown – Theresa.

Waldorfschule Bergedorf

KIDS FOR KIDS! CHAPEAU! We virtually take our hat off to your great effort to support our project and the kids in Haydom. A wonderful concert brought a lot of attention and a donation that left us speechless. We hope this is only the beginning of a wonderful bond between you guys and the kids in Haydom. We grown ups really should take a biiiggg example on you!

Carolyn from Loeper

Thanks a lot for your tiredless and ongoing support for us! Thanks for believing in our work!

Matthias Gottschlich

A million thanks for your generous donation. Treating a child with spina bifida and hydrocephalus needs a whole team. We are so proud to have you in our team as well. A big thank you. We are appreciating a lot.