Partners and Sponsors

We especially want to Thank You

MedCare Visions

We would like to thank our partner and sponsor MedCare Visions in particular for their support in setting up the new premature baby ward in Haydom. Your heart truly beats not only for the smallest of our patients but also in the absolutely right place! With your support you make an important contribution to the improved care of the premature and newborn babies of Haydom and help significantly to ensure their survival.

RBU Barnhjälpen Tansania

Dear Liso and Ina, not only that you keep the world record for the first women in a wheelchair reaching up Little Meru Peak at 3800 m. You are certainly record-breaking for your dedication and restless effort to raise funds to support our work.

Your own work in Tansania is exceptional and inspiring and I am very proud to have you on board with us to fight for our kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus not only in Haydom but worldwide. One Team – One Dream!!

Safe Anaesthesia

Thanks for all the support and effort over the years. Neonatal mortality has drastically reduced with the introduction of the new Bubble CPAP Machines.


You are the answer on sustainable supplied medical equipment in low ressource countries. Your contact was send from heaven and we would not have been able to safe many neonates and childrens lifes during surgeries without your ventilators, bubble cpaps and monitors.

A Triple Thanks for your faithful and ongoing support over the years. Thanks for your contribution towards our Hike for kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Hey lets hike together next year for sure!


Wellspect, it is a pleasure to work together with you and we are delighted looking forward to strengthen our cooperation.


With you it all started. You were there when there was no shunts and did not hesistate to send a package with shunts and greetings into the African bush when I asked you for it.

Child Help

Treating kids with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida needs Teamwork. Child-Help lets continue fighting shoulder on shoulder together improving medical care for kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. It is an honor having you on our side.

Grachtenhaus Apotheke

Thanks a lot for your support and sharing your stand with us on the ASBH-conference in Fulda. Two thumbs up for the fantastic roll up!

Oxyton Pharma

Oxybutinin is such an important drug when it comes to treating neurogenic bladder, happy it finally will be on the european market. Haydom has managed to introduce it into the program now too. The Results are wonderful and the kids get dry and socially continent.