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Strong together for kids with birth defects

We are proud and very happy about the generous donation of our partner Wellspect about 5,000 Euro that we received via a ZOOM Conference. We would like to thank the Wellspect team for their continuous support of our project work in Haydom, Tanzania and their exemplary commitment to the provision of medical aids for children with birth defects here in Germany. With this donation, Wellspect is making an important contribution to the project of building the “House of Hope” in Haydom. It will be a place where mothers and their children with birth defects can find shelter and refuge once the first inpatient treatment is completed. Many mothers are expelled from their communities because of the birth defect of their newborns, are without a roof over their heads, without food supply. At the House of Hope they should find refuge and new confidence. By teaching them how to deal with the special medical needs of their children, they will also be prepared for their later return to their villages. You can also help with your donation to reach the donation goal so that the construction can be completed this year.