As the Pandemic is spreading

While the pandemic is inexorably spreading across all continental borders, especially those who already live at the border of their existence are suffering. Terrible conditions prevail in Tanzania. There are many new deaths every day, unclear whether through corona or simply because hospitals are currently avoided. Those who have a fever stay at home, and hospitals lack protective equipment, which is why patients with fever are often isolated without being seen. Fatal if dangerous malaria leads to death if left untreated. There is no lock-down. The markets and public transportation are full. There are no distance rules. The markets are the only source of income for many families in Tansania. There is no way of a 2 meter rule to keep the distance necessary.

Haydom-Friends e.V. local initiative brings local made facemasks and education on how to protect with hygiene measures to families in rural areas. With 5 Euros only you sponsor one facemask and a bag of soap for one person. Facemasks can be worn especially in crowded areas like market places and soap can be taken on the journey to keep hands clean. 5 Euros that can make a real difference. Please help us to continue education and provide protection to Tansanian families.

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