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Wheelchair-Skating at Haydom Hospital

Finally back in Tansania, meeting up with those amazing guys from smallsteps skatepark UsaRiver. They really make a Change in the life of those kids here skating, giving them a home where they are loved and where they can unfold their Talents and spirits. So Glad and proud to be taking them to Haydom to meet our Wheelchair kids. Keep following us for more skating vibes coming up.

And obviously I was not able to resist to bring my own Surfskate to keep trying it in their skatepark. First Skatingpark Drop in ever of my life – and what to say after having defeated my brain, I have had the afternoon of a lifetime skating with those wonderful talented kids here in UsaRiver.

At the same time in Haydom our new obstacles for the short planned skating lesson are about to get finished. Now we need some good weather on Tuesday and some guardian angels to keep us all safe 🙂 🙂 🙂

28.05. Donate to make Dr Theresa sweat on her first African Halfmarathon

Who wants to see me sweat and fighting for a good cause?

After now almost 12 years of coming to Tansania I will finally be taking my first Halfmarathon challenge here in Africa.

Haydom is a small village in one of the most remote areas in Tasania. Medical Treatment here is not easily acessible for everybody as most of the patients dont have insurance.

Haydom Hospital was build in the late sixties by the Norwegian Missionaries and has become a 400 bed hospital now, providing medical services for everybody in need despite their financial situation. Therefore the hospital is providing help for coverage of hospital bills for the most poorest patients.

A large number of children are born here with birth defects and find help through the local program, initated by Haydom-Friends e.V. and its partners. Children find life safing surgeries as well as long term treatment and follow up.

You can support this wonderful work and help to cover the hospital costs of some of the kids beeing treated there by helping me run as many kilometers as I can.

I am promising I will run as far as I can for each donation you will be making. So dont be picky, let me really sweat, make my legs burn and donate what you can so that children at Haydom Hospital can continue to be helped.

Betterplace Donation Link

Haydom-Friends for Ukraine – Emergency Aid

Peace grows out of human action. This requires mutual respect and solidarity towards those who need our help. What is happening in Ukraine right now is a terrible example of contempt for humanity. A slap in the face of our grandfathers and grandmothers, great-grandparents and their ancestors, who fought and struggled for such a long time for a safe environment and the peace in which we are allowed to grow up so well protected.

You would think after a world wide pandemic that we faced hand in hand, nation by nation together, we would have learned to value values such as health, family, freedom and peace as our most important asset. Living in freedom and peace is not a birth privilege. We all have a human responsibility towards those who were innocently deprived of it and who were never able to grow up in this security.


In an exemplary action of solidarity of the Children’s UKE, employees collect for families and their children fleeing from Ukraine. A medically accompanied transport brings things for the daily needs, hygiene articles, baby food, clothing and medical supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border in order to distribute them to the families there and to provide medical care for the people there. Haydom-Friends e.V. participates here with an aid delivery of medicines, which are especially tailored to the needs of children and infants, fever thermometers, hot water bottles, and a large assortment of dressing materials, disinfection, wound sprays, wound ointments, plasters and compresses for the immediate care of fresh or chronic wounds on site. Several transports are planned. You are welcome to support us for further purchases of this kind with a donation under the additional subject: Ukraine. “We have very little time! We should act now! ” Albert Einstein

A new wheelchair for Patricia

Maybe you remember that little girl´s smile that we had been sharing with you a couple month ago. She is living with her mother in a small remote village on the other side of Lake Victoria, more than a thousand kilometers away from the next bigger city Arusha and far away from medical services and supply.
Because of a delayed birth and lack of oxygen she is paraplegic and cannot walk. Barely able to move on her own she is not able to visit any school or getting physiotherapy. Most of the time of day she gets carried around by her mother, or is left sitting on the ground in the garden. The family is too poor to afford a proper wheelchair.

With the incredible generous help of Marcela Maranon (#thejourneyofabravewoman) and SitnSkate Hamburg we finally have managed to have mother and daughter travel to Moshi to get measurments taken for a special individual personalized children´s wheelchair. It was their very first big journey leaving their little village. Shedrack a physiotherapist from Moshi helped taking measurments and getting both mother and child accomodated while waiting for their new wheelchair to be made. Only 3 days after arrival the new and local made wheelchair was finished and little Patricia started to explore her new environment enjoying her new independency and freedom. The wheelchair is especially designed to resist the rough territorial surrounding of Patricias home. With the new wheelchair she will be able to move around on her own and even visit a special school nearby. Haydom-Friends e.V. will be updating you about her further progress.

If you want to continue supporting that little girls school education or helping her to get a medical health insurance card for this year you can support her with your donation on , just type “Patricia” and leave your contacts to receive updates and more information as well as a donation receipt. Thanks a lot for your help and support. Patricia is giving back a big smile in return!

World Record for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Tansania

One team – one dream – a world record. We had our sights set on no less than the 4600 m summit when our international adventure mountaineering team set out on the rocky path for Haydom’s children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Participants from different backgrounds, each with their own story, but all with a common dream. Improving medical care for patients with spina bifida and hydrocephalus by building a center in Haydom. Setting a new focus, drawing attention, educating and clearing up with prejudices. Breaking through with stereotypes and showing that even with physical limitations and a lot of team spirit, big goals, dreams and peaks can be achieved and reached.



Read the whole story here, accompany us on our hike, follow our photo story and become part of the dream with your donation: Click here.

Mount Meru – Preparing for the hike!

We are training to reach the top of Mount Meru to raise funds for kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Haydom, Afrika.
Support our campaign on betterplace to become part of our team:

There is no bounderies but the ones in your head!!
Treating a child with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus is team work and requires health professionals, parents, community.
With your donation on betterplace you can help us reach our funding goal to build a centre and home for kids with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in Haydom, Tansania.

KIDS for KIDS with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Charity Concert for Haydom´s children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

Incredible awesome initiative of the Rudolf-Steiner-Schule Bergedorf. Students of the Rudolf Steiner Schule organized a wonderful concert to collect funds for children born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Haydom, Tansania.
I think we “grown ups” can only learn from such an outstanding gesture of humanity. Asante sana – Vielen Dank! If you want to follow their BIG FOOTSTEPS help us with your donation at

Mount Meru Charity Hike January 18th-27th, 2020 – Be there!

In order to lay the foundations, we plan a joint hike on Mount Meru from 18.-27.January 2020. Together with parents, the local team and the supporters of the project, we want to climb the summit and collect money for the construction. Everyone is welcome. The cost for the 10-day trip includes the 4-day hike including hotel costs, full board and the subsequent joint trip to Haydom to the place where the House of Hope is to arise. In Haydom itself, in addition to the visit of the unique Hadzabe Bush people, some local culture and tradition, also the exploration of the clinic and a meeting of the parents with their children are planned. Again, travel, accommodation, and meals are included.

The pure travel costs amount to p.P. to 1500 euros, in addition come p.P. 1000 Euros to be spent on the construction of the House of Hope. Each participant can also have this donation sub-amount financed by a personal sponsor or a self-initiated donation call.

Anyone who can not climb the mountain on his own is still welcome to help. You can use your donation to sponsor a local participant, a parent, or a patient, giving him the chance to have a very special and important experience in their lives, for the courage and new strength to achieve something great in community. Set a sign with us together.