Haydom-Friends for Ukraine – Emergency Aid

Peace grows out of human action. This requires mutual respect and solidarity towards those who need our help. What is happening in Ukraine right now is a terrible example of contempt for humanity. A slap in the face of our grandfathers and grandmothers, great-grandparents and their ancestors, who fought and struggled for such a long time for a safe environment and the peace in which we are allowed to grow up so well protected.

You would think after a world wide pandemic that we faced hand in hand, nation by nation together, we would have learned to value values such as health, family, freedom and peace as our most important asset. Living in freedom and peace is not a birth privilege. We all have a human responsibility towards those who were innocently deprived of it and who were never able to grow up in this security.


In an exemplary action of solidarity of the Children’s UKE, employees collect for families and their children fleeing from Ukraine. A medically accompanied transport brings things for the daily needs, hygiene articles, baby food, clothing and medical supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border in order to distribute them to the families there and to provide medical care for the people there. Haydom-Friends e.V. participates here with an aid delivery of medicines, which are especially tailored to the needs of children and infants, fever thermometers, hot water bottles, and a large assortment of dressing materials, disinfection, wound sprays, wound ointments, plasters and compresses for the immediate care of fresh or chronic wounds on site. Several transports are planned. You are welcome to support us for further purchases of this kind with a donation under the additional subject: Ukraine. “We have very little time! We should act now! ” Albert Einstein