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My vision for Tanzania- outlook and reality.

The last year in lockdown not only affected all of us but also caused unforeseeable collateral damage in resource-poor countries. The often strongly tourism-oriented economies of many countries, especially in East Africa, lost from one moment to the next their most important and constant financial backer, the “white man” and safari tourists. Since then, many families live in existential threat, without income, without money for food and children. Just last year, the country had hopefully elected its old “new” president, bringing with it new hope and confidence, and already the year strikes again. With the sudden death of Tanzania’s president, the country is once again shaken.

The WHO sounds the alarm about the rising number of infections in the country. Into this uncertainty, a new head of state is appointed. Tanzania’s first female president, Samia Suluhu Hassan. The 61-year-old former aid worker, a native of Zanzibar, is stepping into big male shoes. An entire country looks up to her with hope. Perhaps in her straight female role she holds new hope for important improvements in the social and medical sector, in the health care of a large part of the often poorer and destitute population and their children.

Haydom-Friends e.V. wishes the new female leadership much strength, endurance and inspiration for her new office. May she continue to work for even better health care for children with special needs and health disadvantages and the support of their families in Tanzania.