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Jerusalema Dance Challenge goes viral in Haydom

Recently the Jerusalema Dance-Challenge is going viral around the world. The dancing virus truly has spread among everybody in Haydom as well. Parents, staff and kids with spina bifida and hydrocephalus from Haydom are joining the worldwide Jerusalema dance challenge to raise awareness for more inclusion, better medical care and support for children with special needs in Africa. Having a child with spina bifida and hydrocephalus brings a lot of challenges every day. Participating in the worldwide dance challenge we want to encourage and give hope in these special times. Never stop trying, never stop loving and never stop believing in how much is possible when we all care together. We are nominating YOU to join the Jerusalema Dance Challenge and to support our work for kids with special needs in Africa.

Haydom Friends has been advocating for medical care and follow-up for children with birth defects in Tanzania, Africa, for more than 10 years now. Become part of a wonderful journey of helping, giving and getting back from our little heroes. Be Aware a smile can be contagious!

Little wheelchair athletes

For a child with spina bifida, a wheelchair is not just a simple tool of transportation but a tool for self-determined child development. With a wheelchair, they can actively participate in daily life and also attend school. As part of our follow up week, the little ones could really let off steam with their wheelchairs and show what they are capable doing. With a lot of fun and joy they mastered the obstacles of the small parcours that we had set up for them. And what can I say, real skater talents were awakened. The ball was then aimed at a waste paper basket that had been converted into a basketball hoop outdoors. Michal Jordan has found his successor here. An afternoon in the spirit of mobility and fun.

Haydom-Friends sponsors new wheelchairs

The rough terrain of the African bushland demands a lot from the wheelchairs. Regular maintenance of the wheelchairs is just as important as the wheelchair itself. Together with the local partner organization CCBRT, Haydom-Friends is now sponsoring new wheelchairs for Haydoms kids as well as their maintanance. 18 year old Neema got a brandnew handbike. Parents will be getting training to be able to carry out maintenance and repairs themselves later. The new wheelchairs were properly inaugurated on the wheelchair parcours just after.

African Cinderella

Shoes can change your life – Cinderella already knew that. Unfortunately, many children with Spina Bifida do not have a fairy godmother to fill their shoe cupboard. As a result, their small bare and often numb feet in a wheelchair often show severe injuries and pressure sores. To prevent this, socks and closed footwear are needed to protect their little feet. Haydom-Friends played fairy godmother for Haydoms kids and sponsored new shoes. The kiddies were super happy with their new sneakers. The parents were shown how they can treat their children´s wounds at home with natural honey bandages.

Rapid Response to reduce the Risc of Corona Outbreak in Haydom, Tansania

Our children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus rely on regular aftercare in the clinic for the supply of medication and catheters. This means that they have to use the overcrowded public transport to reach the hospital in order to receive treatment.

Haydom-Friends e.V. and partners CALL FOR ACTION to reduce the transmission rate of Corona among our children. We expressly ask for YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP !! For 10 EUROs you help to supply one family with local made facemasks and enough soap to stay safe during their travels and to keep their communities safe as well.



Corona – The Invisible Thread

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We have been experiencing what it means when an entire world is in a state of emergency for several weeks. The invisible enemy named Corona threatens us all equally, making no ethnic, cultural or existential differences. We experience what it feels like to wake up in the morning accompanied by fear and uncertainty about our own health, that of our loved ones, and the fear. Suddenly the foundation of our existence, which we take for granted, is crumbling. We feel locked up in our home office, uncertain when we will be allowed to leave our temporary social prison.

But let’s raise our eyes from our laptops and conference calls and focus them on the rest of the world out there, on the countries in which deprivation of liberty and existential fear become a companion every day. What damage is caused by such a virus in a society in which people have to travel hundreds of kilometers to the nearest hospital, in overcrowded buses and shared taxis. A large part of the population cannot afford to visit a doctor or even inpatient treatment in a clinic without insurance cover. Physical and social distancing in countries such as Tanzania unthinkable. In a society in which each individual relies on the support of a village community, or the daily business on the market place. Many families have no access to clean water or money for soap and daily hand hygiene. Not being able to travel to the market on the bus would destroy even the smallest income and drive families into starvation. A statistical assessment of the infection rate of the population cannot be made because tests are not widely available and are also expensive.

It is all the more important to have good information about hygiene and restrictions on contacts.

Our children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus rely on regular aftercare in the clinic for the supply of medication and catheters. However, this means that they have to use the overcrowded means of transport with their parents and are therefore at great risk.

Haydom-Friends e.V. and its partners calls for a comprehensive information campaign on measures to reduce the transmission rate of Corona. We need YOUR HELP and SUPPORT!! Facemasks are tailored and done by tailors in the village and distributed together with soap to children with Spina Bifida and their parents. For 10 euros they support this measure and cover travel expenses as well as costs for Facemasks and soap for a family.

Of course, these measures only work in conjunction with information about restrictions on personal contacts and the distance to other people in public places.

The first Corona preventive care packages have already been distributed to families in Haydom.

With only 10 euros you help us to reduce the spread and transmission of corona and help protect our children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and their families.

Show solidarity in these special and difficult times. Cohesion and mutual support is important. We can and will only do this together. Help us in this fight together.

One team – one world – one fight. One victory over Corona!


World Record for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Tansania

One team – one dream – a world record. We had our sights set on no less than the 4600 m summit when our international adventure mountaineering team set out on the rocky path for Haydom’s children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Participants from different backgrounds, each with their own story, but all with a common dream. Improving medical care for patients with spina bifida and hydrocephalus by building a center in Haydom. Setting a new focus, drawing attention, educating and clearing up with prejudices. Breaking through with stereotypes and showing that even with physical limitations and a lot of team spirit, big goals, dreams and peaks can be achieved and reached.



Read the whole story here, accompany us on our hike, follow our photo story and become part of the dream with your donation: Click here.

Heri ya mwaka mpya 2020

Haydom-Friends e.V. is wishing all of you an adventurous happy and healthy new year.
We want to thank you for all of your last year´s support and hope to have you on board for our next years adventures to improve health care for children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Haydom Tansania. Next Stop is the top of Mount Meru! Make sure you follow us on our trip to the peak to raise money to build a “house of hope” for our SBH kids in Haydom. Please support our betterplace campaign to reach our funding goal to start building. We are nearly there!!! Wohooo!!


International Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day

For the very first time ever parents, children, hospital staff and the Haydom Community came together to march for Haydoms kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus – Against wrong beliefs and false knowledge. More than 200 people got together to walk together, creating awareness for better education and better medical treatment and coverage. The Motto “Tupige Vita tumani potofu ” Against wrong beliefs was written all over our T-Shirts that we all were proudly wearing. For the first time the local Media was with us and the initiative was screened in the National News for over a week. What a great achievement in creating Awareness even on a National Level. Well Done TEAM HAYDOM !!!

PLEASE HELP US WITH YOUR DONATION TO CONTINUE THIS WORK: every Euro is spent on improving medical care and follow up of Haydoms kids with SBH. Follow the link below choose whatever you can give and help us reach our funding goal:

Haydom As A Great Role Model In The National News ITV Channel

Tupige vita tumani potofu! Fighting wrong beliefs. For the first Time the National Media is reporting about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. The Haydom team is creating Awareness and explaining about the Need of Folic Acid in Pregnancy but also how to recognize early symptoms and emphasizing the urgency to come to the hospital early for immediate treatment. A great step forward towards creating national awareness. For everybody who wants to see a Mzungu/me trying to talk Suaheli … keep watching !!!…

Please Help us with our Work in Haydom. We really need every single Euro of your Donation to continue medical care and follow up for Haydoms kids with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. For your donation click on the betterplace link below. Thank you so so much!! Asante Sana!