28.05. Donate to make Dr Theresa sweat on her first African Halfmarathon

Theresa mit

Who wants to see me sweat and fighting for a good cause?

After now almost 12 years of coming to Tansania I will finally be taking my first Halfmarathon challenge here in Africa.

Haydom is a small village in one of the most remote areas in Tasania. Medical Treatment here is not easily acessible for everybody as most of the patients dont have insurance.

Haydom Hospital was build in the late sixties by the Norwegian Missionaries and has become a 400 bed hospital now, providing medical services for everybody in need despite their financial situation. Therefore the hospital is providing help for coverage of hospital bills for the most poorest patients.

A large number of children are born here with birth defects and find help through the local program, initated by Haydom-Friends e.V. and its partners. Children find life safing surgeries as well as long term treatment and follow up.

You can support this wonderful work and help to cover the hospital costs of some of the kids beeing treated there by helping me run as many kilometers as I can.

I am promising I will run as far as I can for each donation you will be making. So dont be picky, let me really sweat, make my legs burn and donate what you can so that children at Haydom Hospital can continue to be helped.

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