New baby sleeping bags for premature infant unit

Hypothermia is still one of the leading causes of death for premature babies even in tropically warm Africa.

Because premature babies do not have sufficient compensatory mechanisms and cannot maintain their own body temperature, they often lose weight along with their temperature and suffer fatal infections. In the western world, incubators provide a sufficiently moist and warm environment in which premature babies can thrive. In countries such as Tanzania, the lack of technical possibilities often leads to the use of dangerous methods such as hot water filled gloves or hot water bottles, which often leak and lead to dangerous scalding of the sensitive skin of the premature babies. New and innovative solutions for temperature management of premature babies are urgently needed.

Haydom-Friends e.V. was able to take action here with the support of its donors and introduced the first non-electric and reusable warming sleeping bag – the Warmilu. Using an activatable heat pad, similar to the winter hand warmers we all know here, a gel in the heat pack is chemically activated by clicking a small metal plate and heats up to a temperature of 40 °C . In a special sewn-in compartment in the sleeping bag, it thus leads to a stable heat of 34 °C inside the sleeping bag over 8 hours, which is similar to the temperature in an incubator. By boiling the heat pack in hot water for 1 hour, it can be made reusable and reused over 100 times. No leakage, no burning and a power free low cost alternative to the western high tech incubator.

Haydom-Friends e.V. was able to finance 8 baby sleeping bags at first, we are urgently looking for further financial support to purchase more sleeping bags and especially more heat packs. Together we want to make the care of the smallest premature babies safer and better. With the new Warmilus, the survival rate of premature and newborn babies should be significantly increased, for this we need your help for a safe neonatal start into a safe and warm life.