Jerusalema Dance Challenge goes viral in Haydom

Recently the Jerusalema Dance-Challenge is going viral around the world. The dancing virus truly has spread among everybody in Haydom as well. Parents, staff and kids with spina bifida and hydrocephalus from Haydom are joining the worldwide Jerusalema dance challenge to raise awareness for more inclusion, better medical care and support for children with special needs in Africa. Having a child with spina bifida and hydrocephalus brings a lot of challenges every day. Participating in the worldwide dance challenge we want to encourage and give hope in these special times. Never stop trying, never stop loving and never stop believing in how much is possible when we all care together. We are nominating YOU to join the Jerusalema Dance Challenge and to support our work for kids with special needs in Africa.

Haydom Friends has been advocating for medical care and follow-up for children with birth defects in Tanzania, Africa, for more than 10 years now. Become part of a wonderful journey of helping, giving and getting back from our little heroes. Be Aware a smile can be contagious!

Little wheelchair athletes

For a child with spina bifida, a wheelchair is not just a simple tool of transportation but a tool for self-determined child development. With a wheelchair, they can actively participate in daily life and also attend school. As part of our follow up week, the little ones could really let off steam with their wheelchairs and show what they are capable doing. With a lot of fun and joy they mastered the obstacles of the small parcours that we had set up for them. And what can I say, real skater talents were awakened. The ball was then aimed at a waste paper basket that had been converted into a basketball hoop outdoors. Michal Jordan has found his successor here. An afternoon in the spirit of mobility and fun.

Haydom-Friends sponsors new wheelchairs

The rough terrain of the African bushland demands a lot from the wheelchairs. Regular maintenance of the wheelchairs is just as important as the wheelchair itself. Together with the local partner organization CCBRT, Haydom-Friends is now sponsoring new wheelchairs for Haydoms kids as well as their maintanance. 18 year old Neema got a brandnew handbike. Parents will be getting training to be able to carry out maintenance and repairs themselves later. The new wheelchairs were properly inaugurated on the wheelchair parcours just after.

African Cinderella

Shoes can change your life – Cinderella already knew that. Unfortunately, many children with Spina Bifida do not have a fairy godmother to fill their shoe cupboard. As a result, their small bare and often numb feet in a wheelchair often show severe injuries and pressure sores. To prevent this, socks and closed footwear are needed to protect their little feet. Haydom-Friends played fairy godmother for Haydoms kids and sponsored new shoes. The kiddies were super happy with their new sneakers. The parents were shown how they can treat their children´s wounds at home with natural honey bandages.

Support Our Local Campaign bringing Education and local Made facemasks

Haydom-Friends e.V. is supporting a local campaign bringing Education and local Made facemasks to remote villages in Tansania where people are especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

Patricia is a 10 year old girl who is paralysed from birth on, probably because of a spinal defect called spina bifida. Without the help of her mother she cannot move around. With your help we can sponsor her a local made wheelchair for 150 EURO that allows her to visit the local special school and gives her the freedom of mobility. 150 Euro that can change little Patricia´s life!

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Bobby – Our local Hero in this Corona Pandemic

Bobby, a local Tansanian, packs each mask individual in plastic bags together with easy to understand instructions on how to stay safe in this Pandemic. For 5 Euros you can sponsor one mask to somebody in Tansania who could not afford it elsehow. For 20 Euros you can cover one whole family with enough masks and soap to stay protected. Bobby is visiting the families personal to show them how to wash hands and follow the instructions of wearing masks and keeping distance in crowded public places. Your Donation matters to many families in Tansania who need our help to stay safe in this CORONA Pandemic.

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Corona Rapid Aid – Masks for Tanzania

With the help of local tailors, Bobby creates local fabric made face masks. Each individual mask is packaged in a separate foil bag with an educational flyer. The flyer explains about washing hands, distance rules and the necessary hygiene rules when wearing the mask. Education against fear and uncertainty. Bobby personally brings the small Corona aid packages to the more remote villages. He explains to people how to protect themselves in times of the pandemic. He also explains why it is necessary to see a doctor and seek medical advice. With 5 euros per person and per small aid package, you can help support this initiative. Bring help and education to people in need.

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As the Pandemic is spreading

While the pandemic is inexorably spreading across all continental borders, especially those who already live at the border of their existence are suffering. Terrible conditions prevail in Tanzania. There are many new deaths every day, unclear whether through corona or simply because hospitals are currently avoided. Those who have a fever stay at home, and hospitals lack protective equipment, which is why patients with fever are often isolated without being seen. Fatal if dangerous malaria leads to death if left untreated. There is no lock-down. The markets and public transportation are full. There are no distance rules. The markets are the only source of income for many families in Tansania. There is no way of a 2 meter rule to keep the distance necessary.

Haydom-Friends e.V. local initiative brings local made facemasks and education on how to protect with hygiene measures to families in rural areas. With 5 Euros only you sponsor one facemask and a bag of soap for one person. Facemasks can be worn especially in crowded areas like market places and soap can be taken on the journey to keep hands clean. 5 Euros that can make a real difference. Please help us to continue education and provide protection to Tansanian families.

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