Mount Meru Charity Hike January 18th-27th, 2020 – Be there!

In order to lay the foundations, we plan a joint hike on Mount Meru from 18.-27.January 2020. Together with parents, the local team and the supporters of the project, we want to climb the summit and collect money for the construction. Everyone is welcome. The cost for the 10-day trip includes the 4-day hike including hotel costs, full board and the subsequent joint trip to Haydom to the place where the House of Hope is to arise. In Haydom itself, in addition to the visit of the unique Hadzabe Bush people, some local culture and tradition, also the exploration of the clinic and a meeting of the parents with their children are planned. Again, travel, accommodation, and meals are included.

The pure travel costs amount to p.P. to 1500 euros, in addition come p.P. 1000 Euros to be spent on the construction of the House of Hope. Each participant can also have this donation sub-amount financed by a personal sponsor or a self-initiated donation call.

Anyone who can not climb the mountain on his own is still welcome to help. You can use your donation to sponsor a local participant, a parent, or a patient, giving him the chance to have a very special and important experience in their lives, for the courage and new strength to achieve something great in community. Set a sign with us together.