Santos Joshua Chuwa – A great idol and a hero of our hearts

Santos Joshua Chuwa – A great idol and a hero of our hearts

Santos Joshua Chuwa – A great idol and a hero of our hearts

My name is Santos Joshua Chuwa, first born of 3 children in the household Chuwa. I saw the light of day in 1988. That I am 31 years old today cannot be taken for granted. I was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

My father mocked and ridiculed me, called me a monkey because I was born with a “tail".

This “tail" was the bump on my back, a bulge of the defective spinal cord. He said he would not tolerate lame people in his house, it was a curse to have brought me into the world. He tried to convince my mother to kill me to make room for a new baby. He was gonna throw me to the street dogs.

I am proud of my mother that she remained strong and did not let herself be influenced in her love for me. She kept looking after me. Provided me with food, education and medical care. Taught me how to catheterize. There are a billion things I'm thankful for.

Today I have a university degree, am married to a wonderful woman and have a beautiful son myself. My wife's name is Yollanda Juma. I gave my son the name Norlens Santos.

My story drives me to fight for all those who have suffered a similar fate to mine. I try to fight for people with an impairment and disability. I would like to support them in realizing their dream in life. I am currently in the process of founding my own non-profit organization, which will serve the purpose of encouraging people who have given up on themselves due to their disability to pursue their goals. A physical disability does not mean that you cannot achieve your goals and dreams. I want to be a role model with my personal story.

Hiking up the mountain should make clear once again what you can achieve if you work hard and believe in yourself. My success is to become the success of many who might otherwise sit at home and have no confidence in such things. It should motivate them to rediscover the faith in themselves.

I wish you all God's blessing.

Santos Joshua Chuwa

We would like to support Joshua by driving the Project “Hous of Hope" together with our local partners in Haydom.

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