Help For Emanuel Sebastiano

Help For Emanuel Sebastiano


Haydom Friends e.V. is raising funds for 11 year old Emanuel Sebastiano from Haydom Tansania. The boy is suffering of a life threatening brain tumour that needs urgent removal. The parents are not able to pay for the costs and seek for foreign help.


At the moment the boy is kept stable by a so called ventricular peritoneal shunt, a small tube inserted inside of the cerebral chambers to drain the excessive cerebral fluid and reduce the increased cerebral pressure. But urgent removal of the tumour is necessary to secure Emanuels survival. Without the operation he is of high risk to die. So far Haydom Friends was able to raise the main amount of money that is necessary to pay for the operation. Still there is about 2,000 Euros missing.

Please help us to reach the final goal and get all the costs covered so the boy gets a chance to be sent for surgery. Follow the Donation link to make a donation and help Emanuel and his parents. Asante sana.

Our program helps villagers identify most needy children and develop care plans for them

They cannot foresee the pain and trouble that are bound to ensue and equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness of will, which is the same as saying through shrinking from toil and pain.

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22. Oktober 2015 ·
We got good news from Nairobi. The Neurosurgeons are offering to shedule Emanuel for surgery on the 17th of November if we manage to cover the rest of the costs and all the Visa papers get finished in time. Please help us financing the final amount. If you follow the DONATE BUTTON abough you can make a straight donation via PayPal that will reach the foundations account. Leave us a short message and we will send you a fund receipt if wanted. Asante Sana na Mungu akubariki. Vielen Dank! Thank you very much.

The Help and support for Emanuel from Haydom, Tanzania is overwhelming. Kids and Students from Thüringen in Germany are touched and moved by his sad story and are trying to help him. A big compliment for their efforts and commitment and even a more big thank you to those young heroes.

16. November 2015 ·
First sign of Life from Nairobi. Today we received greetings from Nairobi showing Emanuel and his parents as well as Maria the young mother also suffering of a big mass in her brain, alltogether with Mayegga the surgeon from Haydom who will follow and assist in the surgical procedures and Hendry the physiotherapist. Both patients Maria and Emanuel are well and stable and the preparations for the surgery this week are in process. Another big thank you for all the support.

More good News from Nairobi. Emmanuel and Maria both got operated on Monday. The surgeries had been difficult but successful so far. Both patients are recovering and hopefully will be transferred out of ICU tomorrow for further oberservation. Emmanuel already is talking and already started eating and drinking. The Haydom Hospital team that was accompanying the two patients sais it is a very nice cooperation with the hospital team in Nairobi.. Keep fingers crossed.

21. Dezember 2015 ·
A heartwarming moment, not to be paid with any money in the world certainly was the arrival of Emanuel for the Hydrocephalus postoperative clinic December in Haydom. The surgery to remove the big brain tumor was successful and he is recovering very well after it. A big Thank you and merry Christmas to all of his sponsors and supporters that gave him the most valuable Christmaspresent this year.

1.Juli 2017 ·
Two years after his successful surgery and removal of the brain tumor, little Emanuel Sebastiano is still doing good and his smile has returned back to his face. Still his vision is severly impaired and he is supposed to visit a special school for blind children. HaydomFriends e.V. is trying to support him and his parents to pay for school uniform, school material and school fees. You can support him on his way with your donation, to help him make his dream come true of becoming a teacher.

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